Variation within and across Jewish Languages

June 26th-28th, 2013; Hof van Liere, University of Antwerp

Presentation slides (pptx, pdf)

Access the corpus management system

How to use it: When asked for credentials, use login: jlangs, password: Wya87cgf. Then click New query and under Corpus, select "judeo-arabic". Enter any word to search for it or, to display all words, under Query select "Phrase" and then in the Phrase field, enter .* (a dot followed by an asterisk). Click Make Concordance to display results.

The corpus currently contains only two texts with a total of 15.673 tokens: a šarḥ to Qohelet (possibly from Libya) dated to 1896/97 and a Judeo-Arabic translation of a French novelette "Le Buste" published in 1930s Tunis and described in the presentation above.